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    The strategy for MY24 is very simple... 

    you fund your account -> you buy adpacks -> you earn -> you withdrawl -> then you use your withdrawn funds to fund back into the system. 

    This creates a compounding structure of real funds in your account. 

    Once your earnings per day hit about $50 a day to withdrawal...this will pick up your account and be extremely fast a true compounding strategy. 

    The goal in mind is to keep compounding tell you're happy with 20% to 30% of your earnings balance per day... 

    Then withdraw that to your bank and keep on compounding outside the system to maintain your adpacks... 

    This will create daily with drawlabowl residual income that is built on true funds and not just a rev share account built on numbers... (Monopoly money) 

    Meaning the value of your account in adpacks...actually You have that money in the system.'s not just numbers it's funds 😊 

    If the majority of the members of my 24 hour income follow this code the system we will be unstoppable unbreakable and create amazing income for our members. 

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